Innovation, Development & Leadership

Born from an obsession to make a difference IDL boast that its staff and consultant trainers represent over 150 years cumulative experience in the field of training - especially to emerging economic countries.

IDL is committed to being different; it embraces the essence of difference, uniqueness and exclusivity. The range and breath of learning from the courses it provides is based on real organizational needs, underpinned by sound theoretical precepts.

IDL is accredited by BAC which its accreditation is globally recognize mark of quality achieved through an objective, detailed audit of your processes, policies and systems.

BAC is widely recognized as the most experienced, rigorous and independent accreditation service for the private education sector. BAC established the standard that others have sought to emulate.


  • Supervisory Management
  • Public Service Management
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Organizational Strrategic Management
  • Oil and Gas Management
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Law and Compliance
  • Humman Resource Development
  • Banking Credit and Finance
  • Business Financial Management
  • Business Support Training

About Optimal Academy

Optimal Academy was founded in 2009 in Amman and then expanded to have branches in UAE- Abu Dhabi & Muscat – Oman It offers a wide range of training courses in the following areas: Information technology, Project Management, business administration, human resources and management, modern languages, banking and accounting, graphics and engineering design The variety of learning options at Optimal Academy allows you to learn in the manner that best suits your schedule, budget, learning style and expertise. At Optimal Academy you will get quality training that would fit your schedule. Whether you are experienced or not, you will receive comprehensive training from highly qualified certified instructors, authorized training and curriculum. At Optimal Academy we assist you with the training needed.

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