Waxen University

Waxen university is one of the most leading modern universities, It provides students with many alternative studies, so they can choose the most specified field of interest to match their needs and requirements.
 Waxen university allows students to choose among more than 200 fields of studies directed and managed by a broad of directors, student service departments and a league of respected specialized professors who will guide you through your education trip until receiving your certificate with 24/7 update and feedback.

Waxen university offers an widespread range of majors that are exclusively designed for professionals and working adults. These majors cover almost every field and industry.


  • Business and Administration
  • Law and Judiciary
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Science
  • Education and Development
  • Psychology

About Optimal Academy

Optimal Academy was founded in 2009 in Amman and then expanded to have branches in UAE- Abu Dhabi & Muscat – Oman It offers a wide range of training courses in the following areas: Information technology, Project Management, business administration, human resources and management, modern languages, banking and accounting, graphics and engineering design The variety of learning options at Optimal Academy allows you to learn in the manner that best suits your schedule, budget, learning style and expertise. At Optimal Academy you will get quality training that would fit your schedule. Whether you are experienced or not, you will receive comprehensive training from highly qualified certified instructors, authorized training and curriculum. At Optimal Academy we assist you with the training needed.

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